FAQs about CUHK on iTunes U

(1) Is it free to download and access the materials on CUHK on iTunes U?
  Yes. It is completely free of charge.
(2) What do I need to listen to or view the materials on CUHK on iTunes U?

You need to have iTunes installed on your computer to access CUHK on iTunes U to download contents from the Site. After the contents have been downloaded to your computer, they can be listened to or watched using your computer. You can download iTunes for PC or Mac here: download iTunes now.
If you are using iPhone/iPad, you can also download the contents directly by the device or 'synchronize' the contents with your PC or Mac.

(3) Why is CUHK participating in iTunes U?
  CUHK is committed to knowledge transfer and sharing with the community, within Hong Kong and worldwide. CUHK on iTunes U is one of the projects that fulfil this commitment.
(4) Can access to materials on CUHK on iTunes U be restricted to CUHK students only?
  No. Currently, all materials on CUHK on iTunes U are publicly accessible.
(5) What do I do if I wish to create/submit contents to CUHK on iTunes U?
  Please send your proposal/idea to us through email to itunes@cuhk.edu.hk.


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