How to contribute to CUHK on iTunes U



Who can contribute contents to CUHK on iTunes U?
  Faculty members, academic departments, administrative units and organizations of CUHK can publish contents on CUHK on iTunes U.
(2) Who approves the content published on CUHK on iTunes U?

The CUHK on iTunes U Working Group will approve the content for the general public on CUHK on iTunes U.
All content contributors must sign the CUHK on iTunes U Content Warranty Letter before the content can be added onto CUHK on iTunes U.

(3) What content is appropriate for CUHK on iTunes U?

CUHK on iTunes U is about knowledge transfer to the community and showcasing the University to the world. All content ideas are welcome. Examples of contents include

  • Course content (audio or video recordings of lectures)

  • Event content (recordings of lecture series, conference, performances, seminars and workshops)

  • Marketing content (promotional videos)

  • Showcases of outstanding research works / student works

(4) I have some audio or video materials which I would like to submit to CUHK on iTunes U. What should I do?
  Contact us through email to


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